"Reviving Clearlake Oaks"


Oaks To Start Community Patrol Soon

By Margaret Gan-Garrison - Record-Bee staff

CLEARLAKE OAKS - The Clearlake Oaks Community Service Network (CLOCSN) will be starting community patrol soon.

The community group has purchased a used Sheriff's Department patrol car, said CLOCSN's President Sabine Hue De Laroque. "We are trying to get it ready, fixing the logo and the lights. After that, we will start patrolling."

Their efforts were given a boost by the county recently. District 3 Supervisor Gary Lewis shared the news with the residents Aug. 15 at their second town hall meeting on that money has been appropriated to help the community achieve their goals.

During the final budget hearing on Aug. 13, the Board of Supervisors approved a recommendation to set aside $450,000 to establish a multi task force to consider economic development in targeted communities in the county's unincorporated areas. Clearlake Oaks is the first community to be in this pilot project. 

One of the reasons for choosing Clearlake Oaks, said Kelly Cox, chief administrative office and marketing director, was the fact there appears to be a strong community group which should be in support of such efforts and will be willing to work with the county and the task force to make significant improvements to the economic vitality of that community. 

The task force will be addressing many law enforcement and code enforcement issues in the community, which are the very issues that the local group, CLOCSN, is interested in improving.

The county is also applying for grants to do a business incubator feasibility study and Clearlake Oaks business attraction study, as well as to do a feasibility study to develop Clarks Island into a marina.

Also at the town hall meeting was District Attorney Gary Luck and Chief Deputy Sheriff Russ Perdock to answer to questions related to law enforcement; traffic safety; drug peddling issues.

"It is wonderful to see a community that has a strong bonding and wanting to work towards improving the place," said Luck. "You are going on the right direction."

Joanne Lipton, who has been coming up to the Oaks for summer since she was five, said it was "so wonderful to see the community come back to where it used to be."

The CLOCSN has registered its non-profit status and held its first fun-raising during that evening. The group raised more than $850 from its raffle draw, silent auction, bake sale and membership, said Hue De Laroque.

John Pavoni, CLOCSN vice president, said the meetings will be held monthly since the group is still on startup mode. After the committees are fully established and identified projects taken off and stabilized, he added, the meetings will be less frequent - probably bimonthly and quarterly.